Equip Your New Nonprofit Board Members to Be Effective on Day One

Board software allows nonprofit companies to implement and control the entire business process of preparing and holding a board meeting, the formation of minutes, and control over the execution of decisions on the minutes. So, how to make the nonprofit board efficient with the board portal?

Board software for nonprofit boards

The competencies and technologies that the head of a nonprofit organization needs to apply competently in specific situations are numerous and varied. The country’s legislation usually lays down the basis for the management system of the nonprofit company. However, much in the nonprofit management system is poorly regulated by law and is largely determined by the level of managerial culture and professionalism of the leader. 

In most nonprofit companies, key employees and management spend up to several hours daily in board and workgroup meetings, leaving their core operational tasks unattended. Many issues wait for days or weeks until the turn comes to discuss them and make decisions. Not all interested persons can participate in the discussion of important decisions due to their employment and absence from the office. If you conduct a thoughtful analysis, it turns out that direct losses in face-to-face meetings turn into very significant amounts.

The innovative board software can remove most of the routine functions from nonprofit management, systematize processes and information, make meetings more transparent, and facilitate clear resolution of issues. The software helps to clearly structure the course of meetings and automatically document their results. This meeting management solution ensures compliance with the established regulations and transparency and manageability of all work on the preparation and holding of meetings. The scope of work carried out at each stage can be customized for specific processes of the nonprofit organization.

In addition, accumulating a knowledge base is one of the most important project management processes. Based on the experience gained, best practices are formed, and the quality of management processes is improved. Thanks to this work, errors are prevented in the implementation of new nonprofit projects.

How does the software work?

Board meeting systems significantly optimize the speed of business processes and increase the organization’s competitiveness. The functionality of the board management software for nonprofit organizations includes:

  • Automation of all stages and processes of organizing, preparing, conducting, completing, monitoring, and analyzing meetings;
  • Automatic formation and flexible management of the agenda structured by topics, each of which contains one or more issues with or without instructions;
  • Communication with the planning system and support for a single schedule – schedules of business meetings held at various levels of company management;
  • Timing of meeting time spent on individual topics of the agenda and issuance of relevant reports on the actual distribution of meeting time for the period;
  • Automatic formation of the protocol, coordination, printing, and distribution to the participants (distribution) of the protocol within the time of the current meeting;
  • Automatic cleaning of the agenda and minutes of the next meeting by excluding issues and instructions closed at the previous meeting;
  • Automatic setting for control over the execution of issues and instructions of the meeting and a system of reminders of the deadlines for execution;
  • Contextual search for minutes, topics, questions, instructions, and materials in the meeting database;
  • Automatic calculation of performance discipline for individual participants of meetings, and meetings in general, as an institution of company management;
  • Automatic calculation of the statistical characteristics of the meeting, including the labor costs of the participants, the “price” of the board meetings, the number of considered, closed and open issues and instructions, etc.