Best Board Portal Software for Your Business

Board collaboration will be organized as efficiently as possible if the board team has a single information space and operational communication channels for the interaction of all members. In this case, board portal software is the best variant. So, how to choose the most suitable software for your business?

Board software for your business

Board meetings are one of the main elements of teamwork that allows you to increase the efficiency of intercorporate communication and speed up the processes of information exchange and decision-making. With the help of the board software, the company gets the opportunity to make the most of the time allotted for meetings. In addition, the board software automates the process of organizing corporate meetings. This solution informs all meeting participants about the chosen place, the beginning, and end of the event, and the assigned instructions recorded in the minutes and allows you to control the execution of instructions following the meeting results.

The module allows you to plan and organize meetings, automatically generate agendas and minutes of the meeting, and send and control the execution of tasks and instructions. At the same time, the scope of work can be customized for specific organization processes.

Depending on board software settings, the meeting may open automatically upon activation. In addition, once the meeting has opened, the first topic on the agenda can even be opened automatically. When the agenda is open, you can manage the discussion. For example, after discussing a topic on the agenda, you can close it and open the next one. Once all issues on the agenda have been worked out, the meeting can be completed.

Today the most popular board portals are:

  • Govenda
  • OnBoard
  • Sherpany
  • Wrike
  • Boardmaps
  • Diligent
  • DocSend
  • Boardadvantage
  • Boardeffect.

This business process support program’s capabilities include several system-wide management functions and automation functions for individual stages of meetings (organization, preparation, conduct, completion, control, and analysis).

What benefits will you get from the best board portal?

The use of the board portal software allows the company to get an operational and long-term return, which the following factors can express:

  • Reduction of participants’ time loss due to planning of board meetings, timely informing participants about the current agenda, prompt provision of materials for the meeting, and issuance of its minutes within the time of the current meeting.
  • Improving the procedure for organizing and holding meetings, closely linking the agenda with the company’s main activities, ensuring a targeted choice of issues under consideration, and concentrating participants on the current problems of the enterprise.
  • Improving the culture of management at the enterprise, training, exchange of experience and knowledge through the maintenance and use of a single knowledge base on topics, questions, and meetings in the company.
  • Reducing the cost of office support for meetings, gathering participants, printing and distributing protocols and materials, invitations, telephone conversations, etc.
  • Improving the company’s management in implementing its plans as a whole by increasing the level of executive discipline by monitoring the execution of decisions on issues and instructions, as well as the availability of a single database of minutes and meeting materials.
  • Regulation of the work of employees, ensuring rhythm, repeatability, stabilization, and comparability of processes, and, on this basis, continuous improvement of the management of meetings and the activities of the company as a whole.
  • Protocol files and reports are generated according to customizable templates, which gives an additional opportunity to customize the presentation of information.